FAQ'S - Je-T'adore Boudoir Lubbock Boudoir Photography
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Can you edit out stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, tan lines etc.?

In most cases, yes.  Removal of acne scaring, stretch marks, etc. is part of the retouching process.  I pride myself in making my clients look their absolute best IN CAMERA (meaning before the retouching process) through the use of posing & lighting to highlight your best features and diminish focus of those features you’re not so crazy about.  That being said my goal is to deliver images that look like YOU, not an overphotoshopped version of you!  If you have an area of concern let’s chat about it before your shoot so we can ensure you look and feel your best!

I’m not as “thin” or “young” as many of the girls I’ve seen on your site…Can I still book a session?

ABSOLUTELY!  I’ve photographed women of ALL ages, shapes & colors!  Boudoir is for EVERY woman and that means you!  From newlyweds, to moms of young toddlers, to women celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary or their husband’s 50th birthday! I’ve done it all!

Where do we shoot?

*I’ve got a studio in downtown Lubbock – with a brand new studio being renovated in South Lubbock opening February 2017!  It’s all set up specifically for Boudoir! With several different “sets”, props and BEAUTIFUL light! *I shoot mostly natural light in the studio (because it truly does have the greatest light)  But I also use studio lighting for more dramatic and sexy shots!

Do I do my own hair and makeup, or do you have someone to do it for me?

*Hair and makeup is included in MOST of my packages!  If it’s not included in the package you choose it is available for a $100 add on! (I work with several different Hair and Makeup artists in the Lubbock area – but all of them are THE BEST! I recommend them for my brides for wedding days, use them for styled shoots, and having professional hair and makeup done is one of the best parts of your boudoir experience so I highly recommend it! 

Do you provide the outfits, or do I bring my own?

*Due to the nature of lingerie sizing being so unique to each individual’s body type and considering that the fit of lingerie is SO important we do not provide outfits for your shoot.  We do have a few pieces in the studio that can be worn as “accessories” (i.e. garter belts, stockings, robes etc.) I love to help my clients choose their outfits for their shoot! If you’ve got any questions or need any help at all I’m just a phone call away!  You can also check out my pinterest board for wardrobe ideas & inspiration! www.pinterest.com/jetadoreboudoir

How far in advance do I need to book my shoot?

*ASAP!  I only have 8 appointments available per month! And I have several clients booking months in advance! So as soon as you know you’re ready to book a shoot – let’s chat!  My typical turnaround for getting your boudoir album is about 3 weeks from the shoot date so if you’ve got a specific occasion in mind be sure and book your shoot at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure we’ve got plenty of time!  If your event is already sooner than that – just let me know! I’ve been known to rush things and been able to get products in hand within a very short amount of time! But we’d prefer to have more time! 😉

How do I view my photos after the session?

*All sessions include an IN PERSON photo reveal and ordering meeting!  I prefer to not put boudoir photos online!  So plan to set a meeting to view your photos within 10 days of your shoot!  (Online galleries are optional for out of town clients!)

Can I bring a friend with me to my shoot?

*Boudoir parties/pricing is available if you want to make a girls day of it and come with your friends (for groups of 3 or more)! Just ask!  If you’re just wanting to bring a friend along for “moral support” my suggestion is to think about it! I’m not going to tell you that you can’t bring your friend along, in my experience sometimes having an “audience” for your shoot can make you feel more self conscience than just working with me one on one!