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These are insane guys!  I can’t even tell you how excited I am about them! The end of 2015 was a doozy for me!  And I didn’t quite get to shoot as much as I wanted! So I’m ready to get back in the swing of things! So these specials are the biggest ones I’ve ever done!

I’m offering 2 different specials!

The first is the MINI session & the Second is the 2016 Special which is my most popular package at over 35% off!! Crazy Savings!!

Email me at casey@jetadoreboudoir.com to book your shoot today! And why not share the love?! Bring a friend for a fun girls day of hair, makeup and pampering!


Summer dates have filled up and we are now booking boudoir sessions for Fall 2015!

What are you waiting for?  What’s holding you back?

I love Boudoir so much for the main reason that it pushes me.  It pushes me outside my comfort zone.  It pushes me to think outside the box.  To think outside of my insecurites, my weaknesses and focus on my strengths!  Boudoir can be a scary thing for some…but I’m here to tell you I’ll walk through it with you!  It doesn’t have to be scary at all – instead at Je-T’adore we strive to make your experience as fun and stress-free as possible!  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Don’t wait for the “perfect” time.  Don’t wait until you “lose those 10 extra pounds”.  Do it now! Do it for yourself.  Celebrate you! You deserve it!

Email me at casey@jetadoreboudoir.com or secure your date right away with a retainer payment here!



Lubbock Boudoir Photography

In case you didn’t know…we have an Instagram!!  Sometimes blogging can be such a chore – and with meetings, shoots, editing, designing albums and now taking care of a baby too posting to Instagram & Facebook can be so much easier and quicker than logging into the ol’ blog here!  In honor of all of our beautiful clients who have signed a model release to allow us to share some of our work with you all I’m excited to start planning some giveaways throughout the year! BUT! You’ll need to follow our Instagram to be able to hear about them and participate! So head on over to instagram.com/jetadoreboudoir and click that little “follow” button to keep in touch with everything that’s going on with the Je-T’adore studio & team!  I’m so excited for 2015 and can’t wait to photograph you!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.04.38 PM

Happy New Year, lovelies!!

The holiday season was so busy around here, but we got some time to relax and to dream about what the new year will hold!  As another holiday season is in full swing (Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for Boudoir, ya know!) we are having a blast meeting so many beautiful women and helping them create some fun gifts for their sweethearts!  I’ve got big dreams for Je-T’adore in 2014 and I hope you all can be a part of it!

That’s me (Casey) (Pink jacket) & Jalie (the best hair and makeup artist ever)(bunny ears) at the bridal show yesterday!  Again it was so much fun to meet so many gorgeous brides and talk to you all about boudoir for your grooms-to-be! I’ve got lots of posts coming this year! So be on the lookout!

But for now, Happy New Year from the Je-T’adore Beauty & Boudoir team!