No Wardrobe Necessary

Introducing the new shower boudoir set to the studio! No wardrobe necessary for the shower or the sheets look. The most effortless looks (minimal thought or planning for what to wear) and so sexy! These are always some of my very favorite photos. They feel real life, they're minimal and effortless and oh so beautiful! Stressed about what to wear?! Don't even worry about it! With the shower boudoir set and the wrapped up in the sheets look, all you need is your birthday suit!

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir is one of my very favorite things to shoot. There's something about the white on white on white that is SO beautiful! Imagine that special time on your wedding day where you see your husband for the first time and exchange gifts...the look on his face when he opens a boudoir album is something you won't soon forget! (I also shoot weddings! Check out

Black & White

There's nothing more classic or timeless than a black and white portrait! Have you ever been into Victoria's Secret and seen the black and white framed prints hanging on their walls? Ugh, I die every single time! Black and white images are always some of my favorite and perfect for hanging as a piece of art on the walls of your home!

Candlelight Sessions

The candlelight sessions are a dream shoot I had wanted to try since my second year of business and I finally launched them in Fall of 2018! They far exceeded my expectations and quickly have become one of my very favorite types of shoots! They are a limited edition shoot that is only available during daylight savings time between November and March and a limited number of time slots are available!

Studio Afternoon

The light streaming into the studio in the afternoons is like none other! The city views and direct sunlight create such interesting shadows and just add to the mystery and setting of the photos! I could never choose a favorite time to shoot, because honestly the light is great at any time of the day, but I do love the variety the direct sunlight gives to the photos! In the mornings the sunlight is more diffused and soft and so so beautiful! No matter what time your schedule allows to shoot the images we create will be so dynamic and beautiful!

Lubbock Boudoir Portfolio

Check out some of my very favorite images from recent work! The funny thing about boudoir is that sometimes the most epic photo I've ever taken could never been seen by anyone to keep privacy for my clients! That's why I'm always so excited when someone signs their model release to allow me to use the images from their session! Each one of these gorgeous girls has a story and heart that match the incredible beauty and strength reflected here!