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It’s that time of year…you’re scouring the internet to find the perfect Christmas gift for your special someone.  You’re tired of the same old stuff.  The electronics, the watches, the clothes, the vacations.  You want something different.  You want something that He’s never even thought of before, something that will catch him off guard, something that will leave him speechless.  You heard of your friend who did a boudoir photo shoot for her anniversary, but you think to yourself

I could never do that…” (Followed by a whole slew of excuses, “I need to work out, I don’t have anything to wear, I’ll look silly, maybe after I lose the baby weight”, etc.)

Here’s the thing, friend…those excuses are lying to you and YES. YOU. CAN.  Wanna know why?  Because boudoir is for EVERY woman.  I’ve never had a woman in front of my camera that I thought I simply cannot take a great picture of this woman.  It’s just not the case.  There’s something absolutely stunning, beautiful and sexy about EVERY single woman and I promise I can make you see that in yourself!  I don’t see you the way that you see yourself in those photos that you hate.  I’ll show you! :).  Here’s the best part, pretty much all you have to do is show up.  I do EVERYTHING else.

I created the candlelight boudoir session packages with this in mind.  I want more than anything for you to come to your shoot without a doubt in your mind that I’m here to make absolute certain that you look just as good as any Victoria’s Secret model you see on the runway.  Everything from the wardrobe planning consultation where we’ll take a closer look at exactly what outfits will look great on you and your specific body shape, down to planning your hair and makeup and the overall look of your shoot.  And that’s just the beginning!

Once you step into the studio I’ll make sure you feel welcome, comfortable and completely normal!  This is how the shoot will go:  You’ll undress to your first outfit.  You’ll walk into the shooting space and feel overwhelmed with nerves as your fears scream at you “I told you, you couldn’t do this, what a horrible idea!”  But you do it anyway.  With music playing, I’ll give you constant direction on how to pose, where to look and what to do with your hands – after 5 minutes you’ll realize the nerves have subsided and you’re actually maybe even having a little bit of fun.  By the end of the shoot you can’t believe that 2 hours has flown by so fast.  You don’t want it to end, it’s literally so much fun!

And that’s when you realize – you might have started out thinking boudoir was just a gift for your sweetheart, but it’s actually the experience of a lifetime!  One that you’ll walk away from changed from the inside out.

I probably sound like a broken record here if you follow me at all on social media.  I’ve been raving about these after dark candlelight sessions since August…But in all honesty it really is exciting to see something you’ve work so hard on come to life!  The Candlelight boudoir sessions are one of a kind and I’m so excited to offer them exclusively to my West Texas clients!!

texas boudoir studio self care


Guess what! This could be you!! Wanna book your very own Candlelight boudoir session?  Click Here to get all the details!  And Click Here to book one of the limited spots!

You did it!  You took the plunge.  You sent the email, paid the deposit and you’ve booked yourself a boudoir shoot!! Woohoo!!

Now the panic has set in. What am I going to wear?!?!

As all women do, you open the doors to your closet and throw your hands up in the air with a desperate “I have nothing to wear!”  But I can promise you, you’ve got something already in your closet that you can bring to wear for your boudoir photo shoot and I’m here to help you see all the possibilities in what you already have, and what to look for if you’re planning to go shopping something new!

These are my top picks for what to wear for your boudoir photos. 

what to wear for boudoir photos, boudoir inspiration

Confidence, a smile, etc. It doesn’t matter what you wear if you’re not into it – know you’re beauty, know your worth. Work it.  And as the saying goes, even if you don’t feel it – “fake it ’til you make it!”  I know what it’s like to feel insecure and like a fish out of water in front of a camera!  But I promise, the more effort you put into really taking my posing direction and pushing your fears aside – the better your final photos will be!  You got this! 

A Bodysuit! I’ve never seen a bodysuit I didn’t like…okay actually take that back – the bodysuit needs to have some structure to it! But besides that I’ve never seen one I didn’t like.  Bodysuits look great on all body types, they’re flattering, they’re sexy and they’re DIFFERENT from what you wear on a day to day basis (am I right?)  That’s what makes them so interesting for boudoir photos.  I’ve had clients wear everything from one piece swim suits, to the old school bodysuits that are making a comeback that you wear with your jeans and they snap at the crotch! LOL, to the real deal “teddy” (which is just the fancy lingerie term for a bodysuit)  Don’t have one of these in your closet already? Go get ya one! 

bodysuit what to wear boudoir wear a bodysuit for boudoir shoot what to wear boudoir session bodysuit

Classic boudoir at it’s finest is the full on matching bra, panty, garter belt, stockings and heels.  If you can imagine a movie where the lead actress is going to show up at someone’s house unannounced wearing nothing but a trench coat and something sexy underneath – this is what I picture.  It’s classic. It’s sexy. It looks like you tried. It’s never gonna go out of style. You simply can’t go wrong here!

classic boudoir outfit what to wear for your boudoir session classic boudoir

Speaking of trench coat, don’t be afraid to bring some accessories.  Everything from a lace robe, to a trench coat, leather jacket, kimono, blazer, oversized night shirt or cozy cardigan.  These things are fun to use to play up different outfits that you’re already using, or to use all on their own!  It just adds that little something extra and these are things that you likely already have in your closet.  One of these could even be a signature thing that you wear all the time and will fit your personality perfectly!  On a side note – in the way of “accessories” as far as jewelry goes – I’m always a less is more girl.  For boudoir I love dainty necklaces to accentuate the neckline, simple and clean bracelets, or small studded earrings are perfect!  No need to overthink this!

accessories to wear boudoir photo shoot wear a leather jacket for your boudoir session what to wear boudoir photo session kimono and hat

Calvin Kleins – because #mycalvins – Calvin Kleins can lend themselves to a more sporty or casual look – and it’s still equally sexy. Another classic that just doesn’t seem to go out of style.  

#mycalvins what to wear boudoir shoot wear calvin kleins for boudoir shoot

(His) white button down.  Have you noticed a pattern here?  I’m all about the classics, things that will stand the test of time – and wearing nothing but his oversized button down shirt has “I belong in a romantic comedy” written all over it.  It’s perfect for incorporating something sentimental without covering you up completely with a bulky, oversized top. 

Heels – Yes they really do make that much of a difference.  I get it. I’m 5’10”.  I wear heels MAYBE once a year.  But for boudoir, where I want to look my ABSOLUTE best no matter how much it hurts? Haha, I’m putting on the dang heels!  Sure we’ll do plenty of shots completely casual and barefoot!  But for almost any standing shot, and full length shots – heels will do the work for you!  They elongate the legs, and they just turn the “sexy” up a notch!  I don’t care if you have to dig them out of the back of your closet or go buy a basic pair at Wal-Mart, absolutely positively bring a pair of heels!

Last but CERTAINLY not least – the one thing literally EVERYONE has that they can choose to shoot in for their boudoir shoot is Nothing at all (wrapped in the Sheets).  I realize it sounds way too simple – But I’m telling you right now – if you choose to shoot in nothing but the sheets they will likely turn out to be your absolute favorite photos from the entire shoot.  There is something so effortless, beautiful and so sexy about the sheets!  It’s real life!  And it leaves enough to the imagination to keep things classy!


I hope this helped you see the many possibilities there are for AMAZING boudoir photos! Now you know what to wear for boudoir photo shoot! You really don’t have to overthink it! And you can be just like every other girl and show up with your entire closet because you just couldn’t choose and I’ll help you pick the best outfits! 🙂  I’m so excited for you to experience this empowering shoot!  As always shoot me an email if you have any questions! I’m more than happy to help!



Here are a few of my favorite places to find great lingerie for your boudoir session! Some budget friendly! Some if you’re ready to splurge! 😉

Victoria’s Secret


For Love and Lemons


I’ve even had girls have great luck with ordering from AMAZON!  I created a list of items that clients have worn before, as well as some others that just looked like they would photograph great! HERE!

Frederick’s of Hollywood

For more inspiration visit my pinterest page here!

Any time your friend says “Hey, let’s go shoot in the sand dunes!” Just say yes. That’s the moral of this story.  Weather the storm, work through the uncomfort, and the outcome will be more beautiful than you ever even imagined!!  If you follow along with my instagram and instagram stories you probably saw our fun little outing in June where we drove 2.5 hours to shoot a total of probably 20 minutes of a Sand dunes boudoir session before a huge storm hit!  Oh the irony! I love the safety and security of my little downtown Lubbock boudoir studio, but just like what I preach, sometimes getting outside of your comfort zone, no matter how unsafe it might feel is ALWAYS worth it!  Case and point – these photos.


(Also scroll to the end for some great options for using a swimsuit and/or kimono in your boudoir shoot!) Love so many of these options!

sand dunes boudoir shoot lubbock boudoir photographer midland boudoir photographer texas boudoir photographer outdoor texas boudoir monahans sand dunes photographer lubbock boudoir photographer lubbock outdoor boudoir lubbock boudoir studio texas boudoir photographer monahans sand dunes photoshoot destination boudoir photographer destination boudoir photographer west texas swimsuit model best lubbock boudoir photographer midland boudoir photographersand dunes stormwest texas sand dunes storm boudoir

I do my best to inform new potential clients of what the boudoir experience with Je-T’adore will be like, but I’ve determined sometimes I’m not that great at it!  I get so many inquiries a day I can sometimes leave out important details just because I’m so used to them that they slip my mind – but for you, the new client those details can make or break your understanding of what a boudoir experience is really like!  So I decided what better way to tell you about the Je-T’adore boudoir experience than from the words of a Real client testimonial! I hope you’ll read her words and realize that everyone’s nervous, or unsure in the beginning (just like you probably are) , but I promise to do my very best to make sure your experience is the unforgettable (in the best way)! I love this job and I love connecting with women like you! So read on, and then drop me an email so we can get a boudoir experience booked for you!

lubbock boudoir testimonial

  • Confidence boost / just for fun  (doing it for herself…i LOVE this! Boudoir doesn’t have to be for anyone but YOU!)
  • Casey was highly recommended by a good friend who had a shoot done prior to mine!
  • Absolutely!  I already have recommended Casey to the few people I’ve shown my images to.

texas boudoir experience

  • The shoot itself was a blast, after the initial nerves worked their way out, of course!  Finally getting to see the photos after was probably the best part! I was anxious to see how everything turned out and couldn’t have been happier!
  • I was terrified before my shoot. I didn’t really know what to expect since this was my first boudoir photo experience.
  • Initially I was super nervous – I’m not shy by any means but I definitely am one to take note of all my “flaws” (or all the things I feel like are flaws) and didn’t know how things were going to turn out.  As the shoot went on, I got more comfortable and actually ended up having the best time! Casey makes you feel at easy, she’s a great coach and a huge cheerleader through the entire process. It made everything so much easier.

lubbock boudoir experience

  • I couldn’t help but feel like a million bucks after working with Casey! She’s constantly telling you through the entire shoot how great things are going and the pictures are looking. I honestly made a close friend open the images for me for the first time- I was so Nervous- but I love my photos and how the whole experience made me feel!
  • I don’t have much to compare it to- but I don’t think I ever want to shoot with anyone else but Casey!!!!  I felt instantly comfortable with her- almost like having a best friend take my photos. She coaches you through posing and  she encourages you through the entire shoot – you ARE the star and she makes sure you’re aware of that.
    Communicating with her before and after my shoot was easy, too! She answers any questions (even ones you think are kind of dumb) right away! Also, turn around time on all of her work, from proofs to the final album- I feel like she is extremely fast! I know I appreciated that for sure, because I was excited to see how everything turned out!

texas boudoir testimoniallubbock boudoirlubbock boudoir photographerblack and white boudoir photography lubbock texasboudoir photography lubbock

Want to know what’s even better than the roses and chocolates for Valentine’s Day?  The SALES after the red and pink holiday!

I rounded up some gorgeous red and pink finds from all the Valentine’s Day Sales that are perfect for your boudoir shoot, the bedroom, or just to lounge around the house!  (Because let’s be honest who doesn’t love a cozy warm robe and fuzzy socks?)

Check out these sales and let me know if you grab something for yourself or for your shoot!  (Be sure and click the arrow on the right to see ALL these amazing sales!)