Wedding Season | Bridal Boudoir


I’ve been swimming in a sea of white  & lace & tulle, and some things borrowed, and a hint of blue! <3  It’s officially wedding season and we’ve been getting in all sorts of sweet groom’s gifts just in time for the weddings!! 🙂  Bridal boudoir is one of my favorites!  You wouldn’t believe what a simple veil, a lot of white and beautiful light does for photos! So dreamy!  Bridal boudoir can be the perfect time to break in your wedding shoes, veil & garter even if you’re not doing a full bridal session.  Let’s face it – Bridal boudoir is more fun than bridal portraits anyway!  And you’ll have plenty of time to get some gorgeous photos of you in your wedding dress on your wedding day! If you’re a bride-to-be looking for that perfect gift for your groom – There’s nothing more personal or sweet than one of our Sexy or Sweet Little Album’s tied up in a bow for your wedding day!  But don’t stop there! Just because you’ve been married for 2, 5, 10, 15 years doesn’t mean you’re left out of the fun!  Anniversary’s or Birthday’s are another fun reason to give yourself a little treat while creating a one of a kind gift for your sweetheart!  Boudoir is perfect for any occasion and just because bridal is fun – doesn’t mean that’s the only way to go! 😉


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