Boudoir Marathon Madness

November 4, 2014

Guys!! I can’t even begin to explain how much fun the boudoir marathon was!!  And I think all the girls involved would agree!  Am I right??  I know my hair and makeup team and myself had a great time! Two full days of nonstop girl talk, hair, makeup, and shooting some beautiful, strong, talented, amazing women!! I’ve gotten several questions about whether or not I will do another one and the answer is most definitely YES!  But probably not until next year!

I’ll be on maternity leave starting early December and I’m planning to be back around the beginning of March!  That being said – Je-T’adore will not be closed during those months!  I’ll still be around answering emails (but your patience is appreciated as I’m not quite sure how prompt I will be on that with a little one needing my attention 24/7!) 😉  And I’ll have an associate shooter available to shoot any shoots that are urgent to be done during those months! So please do still email me! I want to make sure every woman gets to experience boudoir and we will get you taken care of for sure! 🙂

For now, I wanted to leave you with some sneak peeks from the boudoir marathon!! I’m so pleased with how all the shoots turned out! And so excited to be delivering albums for so many special occasions coming up!


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I have never done a bourdoir shoot before and am interested in learning more about the session. What is included what should I expect and what pricing options are available? How long does will it take to get the photos back and how far out are you booked? Thanks so much! Katie

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Congrats on having a baby and becoming a mom! When your back at taking photos I’d love some advice and arranging a boudoir photo shoot for my husbands bday… At 41 and raised two kids I want to feel sexy again!!

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Hi I’m just wondering how much your sessions run.

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I’ve recently been looking into boudoir photo shoots and I’m just in awe!!!! Those few photos from the marathon are awesome! I know you’ll be on leave but could I have session prices please that way next year when you get back in the groove I can schedule a shoot with you! I want it to be for our first year anniversary of being married and that’s in July so we have plenty of time!! Thank you so much!♡

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