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Want to know what’s even better than the roses and chocolates for Valentine’s Day?  The SALES after the red and pink holiday!

I rounded up some gorgeous red and pink finds from all the Valentine’s Day Sales that are perfect for your boudoir shoot, the bedroom, or just to lounge around the house!  (Because let’s be honest who doesn’t love a cozy warm robe and fuzzy socks?)

Check out these sales and let me know if you grab something for yourself or for your shoot!  (Be sure and click the arrow on the right to see ALL these amazing sales!)

One of the things I love most about doing the work I do (besides making women feel beautiful and helping them to see their beauty) is the fact that I get to be super girly myself.  I get to be creative.  I get to watch a girl transform not just outwardly through hair and makeup, but inwardly as she becomes more comfortable and more confident in front of my camera.  I get to take risks as a photographer.  And most of the time those risks turn out so great!

I never got around to sharing this double exposure from Robbie’s Rocker Glam Shoot.  We shot Robbie’s “rocker” look and Jalie’s “vintage glamour” look in the same day so I had a huge pile of flowers in the studio from Jalie’s shoot.  I decided to test the legs on my new camera and try out the double exposure feature.  So I snapped a quick shot of Robbie silhouetted in front of the window and walked over and snapped the pile of flowers that were laying on a bench.  The photo below is what resulted.  I only did a little bit of work to make the flowers stand out a little bit more in places…

Just an example of why taking risks are a great thing!  If you’re trying something new for the first time, or are just wary of what your next move will be.  Don’t stop. Don’t hesitate. Don’t be fearful. Just jump in with both feet…I can almost guarantee that the result will be something beautiful!


lubbock photographer double exposure

Yesterday, Myself along with some dear friends including our hair and makeup artist here at the studio, Jalie Kimbrough, Amanda & Deborah took a fun little road trip to the Sand Dunes near Kermit, Texas.  Jalie had asked me to take some images of her for her Yoga classes that she teaches so we decided to make a day of it.  If we have hair and makeup and a camera – I can’t help myself.  So we planned a little day trip, threw together some last minute dresses, outfits, lights, camera gear, makeup and decided to make the most of the day!

This was the first time we’ve ever done any “on-location” glamour/beauty/boudoir type shots and even though it presented some challenges I LOVED it!  Believe it or not, the green dress Jalie is wearing was my old high school prom dress. HAHA! Who knew it would make for such pretty images! There’s lots more to come from the day, but for now here’s a couple sneak peeks of our very gracious and beautiful models!

If you’re thinking about doing an on-location beauty or boudoir shoot please call me! I’d love to make it happen!  I’ve never felt more like I was on the set of a magazine shoot than I did yesterday! Too much fun!




Texas Fashion and glamour photographyon location fashion and glamour photography in Texas

I met Robbie this past December as Aric & I photographed her sister’s wedding!  She was obviously a beautiful girl! But I had this idea of shooting her in a different way.  I wanted to do something dramatic with her hair and makeup, and I came up with the idea of having her model for a “rocker glam” look.  I had envisioned the sleek hair and shooting on my black backdrop, and thankfully our friends at Chrome helped with the wardrobe and styling and I love love love the outcome! It was even better than I had anticipated.  Robbie pulled off the look so well, I think we were all shocked to see her transformation!

Wardrobe & Styling : Chrome

Hair : Kristyn Smith

Makeup : Jalie Kimbrough

Photography : Casey Lampert (Je-T’adore beauty & boudoir)

Location : Je-T’adore studio + on location


Lubbock Fashion PhotographyLubbock Beauty and Glamour PhotographerBlack and gold rocker glam lookChrome Lubbock TX stylingLubbock Portrait Photographer

Hello beautiful people!

I’ve been workin’ hard to get some images that I can share with you all here on the blog!! We’ve been shooting lots of beautiful boudoir shoots lately so that’s why the blog has been a little quiet!  But last week we shot a couple beauty/glamour shoots and I am SO SO SO SO SO beyond excited to share them with you! We had a whole team to help with the trasformation of our models and the transformation of my little ideas into reality!! Big, BIG thank you to Chrome for doing all the styling and providing all the clothing and accessories!  Another big thank you to Kristyn Smith for an awesome job on the hair – and to one of our models and our incredibly talented makeup artist Jalie Kimbrough for the amazing makeup! And of course our other model Robbie Browning!

To say it was fun would be an understatement! I’m so so pleased with the final product and I just couldn’t wait to share it all so I had to share a little sneak peak of each of the models! 😉


Lubbock beauty and boudoir photographerLubbock fashion and beauty photography robbie browning model