Je-T’adore On Location

August 16, 2013

Yesterday, Myself along with some dear friends including our hair and makeup artist here at the studio, Jalie Kimbrough, Amanda & Deborah took a fun little road trip to the Sand Dunes near Kermit, Texas.  Jalie had asked me to take some images of her for her Yoga classes that she teaches so we decided to make a day of it.  If we have hair and makeup and a camera – I can’t help myself.  So we planned a little day trip, threw together some last minute dresses, outfits, lights, camera gear, makeup and decided to make the most of the day!

This was the first time we’ve ever done any “on-location” glamour/beauty/boudoir type shots and even though it presented some challenges I LOVED it!  Believe it or not, the green dress Jalie is wearing was my old high school prom dress. HAHA! Who knew it would make for such pretty images! There’s lots more to come from the day, but for now here’s a couple sneak peeks of our very gracious and beautiful models!

If you’re thinking about doing an on-location beauty or boudoir shoot please call me! I’d love to make it happen!  I’ve never felt more like I was on the set of a magazine shoot than I did yesterday! Too much fun!




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