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I’ve spent the last few days/weeks doing a lot of learning and redefining of Je-T’adore.  The reality is- I’ve come to love shooting boudoir sessions- but more than that I’ve come to love shooting women. First it was bridal sessions, and then the next step was starting Je-T’adore, and now I’m realizing why do women get their portraits made only for their wedding or as a gift for their hubby’s birthday or a holiday?  Why can’t it happen every day? Any day? Why do you have to have a reason? Why not?

Why not celebrate your beauty. As you are. Right now. Today?

Not when you “lose those few extra pounds”, not when you can afford a new wardrobe, not when you get to this life stage or that one. Right Now.

Celebrate who you are. Celebrate your beauty. Celebrate life in this moment.

I did a little experiment with a few of my sweet friends, (all women who are incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful, talented, confident, strong…the list goes on) and here are the results!

There was no specific reason to do this, except to share with you all what I want Je-T’adore to be. Turning everyday, regular, ordinary Extraordinary women into real life supermodels. 🙂 Because what girl wouldn’t want to be on the cover of a magazine? 😉

Hope you guys enjoy these few images from my time with Caitlin…I’ll be sharing some more tomorrow!


Lubbock Women's PhotographerBoudoir Photographer Lubbock TexasModern glamour portraitsbeautiful session by jetadore by casey

EEEEK!!!!! I’m so so so so so so excited right now! As you can tell I’ve been away for a while! The husband man and I spent most of February enjoying a little bit of time off before the wedding season begins again! We went snowboarding and spent time with beautiful friends and the last trip we took was to Vegas for the annual Wedding and Portrait photographers conference! The conference is always something that gets the wheels turning. It gets us fired up! It gets us excited about our businesses again and creates a whole new list of to do’s to begin making changes and implementing new ideas.  Sometimes that can be stressful or overwhelming. But this year I’ve walked away with a new sense of clarity. I’m so excited for what’s to come. I’m already working hard on some changes for Je-T’adore as you might can see from the change in the masthead.

I’m no longer a “boudoir” photographer. What does that mean? I guess nothing really- I will still happily photograph beautiful women in lingerie- but Je-T’adore is becoming so much more than that. Je-T’adore is about the woman. It’s about the beauty. And a woman does not have to be wearing lingerie to be beautiful/alluring/sexy/confident…the list goes on. When I started this whole thing, I wanted Je-T’adore to be for EVERY woman. Not just young newlyweds, not just the bold women who felt comfortable enough to shoot boudoir- but really for every woman.  Whether in lingerie, or a dress, or blue jeans for all I care- Je-T’adore is about your beauty and about capturing that with my camera and hopefully helping you see that about yourself.

My head is spinning and the ideas are literally giving me a headache – but I’m so excited for what is happening! I started today making changes for this business and I quickly realized it’s not going to be easy. I need a LOT of practice. But I’m so thankful for the friends and family that are supporting me and pushing me through and being gracious and patient with me as I practice on them! 😉  I’ll be doing a series of blog posts soon about all of this, so this is just the beginning! But I wanted to give you a little taste!

Hope you guys like it!


Lubbock boudoir photographer, lubbock portrait photographer

With springtime just around the corner I’m loving all the new bright and colorful spring fashion previews! And it’s no different for your lingerie! There is some FUN stuff out there! I couldn’t help but share! Hope you guys enjoy!

The first group is from Victoria’s Secret. I know, that’s too easy…but seriously? I just love Victoria’s Secret! They know exactly what they are doing and make some of the most fun and sexy lingerie out there!! Their new spring collection is gorgeous! I LOVE all the bright colors and floral patterns. These are just a few of my favorites!

spring inspired lingerie for boudoirFun flirty spring inspired lingerie for your boudoir sessionpink and yellow lingeriebright spring colored lingerie for your boudoir session

The next set is from Betsy Johnson Lingerie! And I love how sweet and beautiful these pieces are! The purple is obviously my favorite- I love the lace detail, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these pieces! 

Lastly, Frederick’s of Hollywood has some gorgeous bright pastel colored spring lingerie that would be perfect for a Springtime boudoir session!! Check them out! They are always having sales and free shipping so there’s really no excuse to not pick up a few pieces to add to your collection!

Lately I’ve been obsessing over makeup. I’ve always loved makeup. When I was little one of my aunt’s got me a makeup book and I looked through that thing ALL the time. Now I see my sweet little cousins always wanting to try on some lip gloss or put on a little bit of blush…the more they can get their hands on the better- and although I don’t think little girls need to wear makeup- it’s something that is just bred into every little girl that they like to play and get dressed up! 😉

If you haven’t heard of the Urban Decay Naked palette then I have to ask…have you been living under a rock?!?! Haha Okay maybe that’s extreme…but seriously, this palette is so popular it was sold out for a really long time and they’ve just come out with a Naked Palette 2! For the average girl if you’re gonna invest any money into some good eyeshadow’s that aren’t crazy colors like bright blue and green and yellow…this is for you! It is FULL of  the perfect mix of beautiful shimmer and matte neutral eyeshadows that ANY girl will look great in. The only problem? The price tag on this beauty is kind of outrageous! At $50 you can be on your way to beautiful natural and fun looking makeup! BUT…if that price is a little too steep for your budget…

Check out the NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette in Champagne and Caviar! You get some similar neutral shades at a fraction of the cost!! Yep all 10 of these beautiful eyeshadows can be your’s for only $10.99!! AH! I love a good bargain! If you’re shopping in Lubbock you can pick up either of these palettes at Ulta or online here and here!


Happy neutral eyeshadows!