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Alright girls…who has seen all the commotion surrounding the Missoni for Target collection that came out this past Tuesday?! Crazy, right?! Well, even though most of the stores and the online store are currently out of stock of everything, they still have a few things! And they should be getting new shipments in, too!

But have you seen the Missoni Lingerie!?!?! SO CUTE!! and SO FUN! And everything looks so comfy!! If you haven’t, I would definitely check it out at the store nearest you, or online at: 

Here are just a couple that I think are adorable!

lubbock boudoir photographer missoni lingerie

We had so much fun for Mrs. B’s boudoir shoot! She was a total supermodel! It was so easy and fun to photograph this girl!! She ended up making a beautiful album for her hubby-to-be and gave it to him on their honeymoon!! BEST gift ever!! What a lucky guy!! And she was gracious enough to let me blog a few favorites from her session!! She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out!  And it was an honor to be able to capture her beauty with my camera! She started out wearing her hubby-to-be’s button down shirt and her cowboy boots! SO CUTE!! And ended with a few lingerie pieces from Ribbons and Bows Intimates here in Lubbock!
Black and White boudoir photography

black and white boudoir photosLubbock Bridal boudoir photographyWedding night lingerie by lubbock boudoir photographerRibbons and Bows Intimates Boudoir photographyBoudoir

There are several ways when shooting boudoir where things can turn incredibly cheesy, or things could go incredibly wrong.  There are a few places that I get my inspiration for boudoir. I want to deliver something timeless, classic, beautiful, sweet, and sexy for my clients!

My FAVORITE photographer of all time is amazing at boudoir!  Elizabeth Messina ( (Note: These images are hers not mine!!) These are just inspiration for my own work! 🙂

Another place of inspiration comes from Victoria’s Secret.  The images in their store fronts are always simple, sexy, and classic.   Funny thing is- There’s a Victoria’s Secret model in each of you! I promise!!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

XOXO Casey

Hello lovelies!

Casey her, of Aric + Casey Photography! I’m excited to share with you a new adventure that I have decided to do on my own for our lovely clients!

Je-T’adore Boudoir!

Je-T’adore is for every woman.  When I finally decided to dive into the world of boudoir photography I was a little apprehensive.  I, myself and one of the most modest people I know.  So it seemed a little bit outside of my comfort zone.  But the more and more I thought about it, I thought…what a BEAUTIFUL (and fun) opportunity!  A beautiful opportunity to watch a woman transform before my eyes.  To go from the day to day, tired, always thinking of everyone else and never of herself woman and watch her turn into a confident, beautiful, relaxed, sexy, supermodel who while in thinking of her significant other has given herself this opportunity to be pampered and to be beautiful.

I’ve been in love with all things “french” since I was young.  And when I finally got the amazing opportunity to travel to Paris this past summer I fell in love with the culture.  Paris is Romance at it’s finest.  It’s beautiful, captivating, and romantic.  So when it came time to think of a name for this division of our business I knew I wanted something that matched what I felt about Paris.  And so Je-T’adore was born.  It means “I adore you” in French.  And it’s the perfect name for me! 🙂

Since Boudoir is by nature such an intimate type of shoot.  I don’t plan on posting many photos for the world to see, unless of course my model’s give me permission to do so.  All photos will be kept under lock and key for only myself, the client and her hubby/hubby-to-be to see.  😉

If you have any questions or would like more information please email me at

or you can reach me at as well! 🙂

Enjoy a few favorite black and white’s!



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lubbock boudoir photography, lubbock boudoir photographer, aric and casey photography boudoir, jetadore boudoir by casey

lubbock boudoir photography, lubbock boudoir photographer, aric and casey photography boudoir, jetadore boudoir by casey