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It’s that time of year again!!  Time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS!! I know…Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. And poor Thanksgiving! But seriously girls! My dates are filling up fast! For the perfect little gift wrapped under the tree let’s do Christmas Boudoir!  If you want to get a shoot done as a gift for Christmas email me ASAP!!  As of today I’ve got 3 available spots left for this month of October!  5 dates available in November and only 3 spots left for December!!! I know everyone wants to wait…spend a little more time in the gym…give yourself some time to budget/choose outfits/psych yourself up for the shoot…but with only 11 dates available for the rest of the year – now’s the time to act!  Snag one of the last few spots in December or get on the calendar for November so we’ve got plenty of time to get your album finalized before the holiday rush hits! I’m so excited for this season! Let’s create a one of a kind gift that will make His Christmas EXTRA merry! 😉

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This year I’m focusing a lot more on my clients.  Why you are doing the shoot?  Your nerves and reservations before the shoot.  How you felt during the shoot, and how you felt after you saw the photos of yourself.  My goal has always been to help women see themselves the way the rest of the world, the way their loved ones see them.  As beautiful, strong, incredible people.  As much as I know and understand women being critical of ourselves and self conscious of this or that flaw – I’m still astounded by seeing this play out.  All women, no matter their size or age, or what they’ve been through in their life struggle with a little bit of these issues and I love that my job is something that gives them a chance to see themselves through a more clear lens than the distorted view we have through our own mirror.

This recent testimonial blew me away! And I wanted to share!

The (kinda sappy) truth is that your images provoke a confidence within me and make me feel proud of myself, and I kinda just want to hang onto them for myself! We are trying for a family and (hopefully) someday when I’m covered in spit-up, I’ll have these beautiful images to reflect back on…You’ve really got a unique gift to capture beauty and primal desire that provokes a confidence within, what society might call, “everyday” women. Thank you for taking time with me.


Whew! We made it! The Valentine’s Day shoots were a success!! I had so much fun shooting so many GORGEOUS women! And the RED.  So fun and pretty!  A nice change up – but I’m also excited to get back to my brides and those sexy black and whites! 😉

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day Weekend! We’ve got lots of exciting things coming up around here! Including our Bridal Show giveaway winner announcement!  Our free hair and makeup for your shoot winner! And I’ll be doing a couple model calls for some styled shoots I’ve been brewing up in my head!   So if you or someone you know would be interested be sure to share and stay tuned!  We are so excited about 2016!


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