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“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11”


There is a beauty in waiting.  Sometimes it seems like every good thing comes with some sort of standard wait time.  I think the waiting makes those things that much more special. More meaningful. More beautiful. As I captured this image I couldn’t help but think…she looks like a lady in waiting.  For what? I’m not sure.  But I know it will be something good.  If you’re in the process of waiting…on something, on someone… take heart that it will be well worth the wait.  And it will be beautiful.


Lubbock Beauty Supply Women's Photographer

Happy Friday and Happy March everyone!!

February has been a wonderful month, busy, but so great! We finally moved! YAY! So I’ve finally got the chance to get the studio in more working order for all the upcoming beauty & boudoir shoots I’ve got for the Spring!! I’m so excited!

Meet Miss S. Isn’t she gorgeous?! She’s a hairstylist at Salon Sculpt here in Lubbock, and I love love her style! We had a great time playing dress up, adding flowers and lace and making her session very casual and cozy…but still sexy! I loved her Free People slip paired with the cozy knee high socks. But my favorite outfit was her sheer color block dress shirt with a classic black lace bra & panty set underneath.  Perfection.

Hope you enjoy some favorites from her session! Thanks so much Miss S for being such a gracious and gorgeous model!

Boudoir session with Hair and makeup artist Jalie Kimbrough

MUAH : Jalie Kimbrough

Photography : Casey Lampert for Je-T’adore

Styling help : Jalie & Debs 😉  (I’ll have Debs post some of the photos she shot at this session as well)

Location : Je-T’adore Beauty & Boudoir studio downtown Lubbock

**No photos are posted without permission from my clients! 🙂

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Why I love shooting women…

Because every woman should be able to have this much fun.

lubbock modern women's portrait studio

Because every woman should be able to see themselves as beautiful as the rest of the world sees them.  As beautiful as they are.

lubbock beauty and boudoir studio photography

Because I love all girly things. Hair. Makeup. Lipgloss. Dresses. High Heels. Laughing with your best friend. Shopping. Handbags. Chick Flicks. Romantic Comedies. Mother/Daughter relationships. Sister relationships. Etc. Etc…  You name it, I love it! And I love making new friends with every shoot.
modern glamour photography lubbock texasAnd because it reminds me to embrace and accept all those things that women love or hate about themselves and just enjoy being a woman…

I’m so so so excited to announce the addition of Deborah (Debs) to the Je-T’adore family.  If you want to read more about how Debs became a part of the family here check out this post: HERE

This girl is kind of amazing and I KNOW all of you are going to love her! I’m gonna have her work on an “about me” section so that there will be info about both her and I in the top bar for when you are looking into doing a boudoir or beauty session with Je-T’adore.  She’s multi-talented- not only has she been a great assistant on shoots, but she’s an amazing shooter herself, she knows how (and loves to) do hair and makeup too- she’s like the total package! Not to mention in several shoots that I’ve helped her with she was so great about reminding her clients of how beautiful they are.

Deborah is available for shoots Monday-Wednesday, unless otherwise scheduled or discussed.  We are gonna be adding separate portfolios for both her and myself so you can see how similar/different we shoot and choose your shooter for your boudoir session.

For now enjoy a couple photos I took of her- and then a little sampling of her work so far! As always- the gorgeous model, that you see in the images below gave us permission to use these photos on the blog! Leave them both some love and tell them how gorgeous they both are!

To contact Deborah regarding a beauty or boudoir shoot email:

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“She’s beautiful…She is woman.”


I heard this quote over the weekend and it is so fitting.

Meet Lauren. Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. Woman of many talents. And one of the sweetest soul’s you will ever meet. I had the most time to spend with her out of all the friends that I shot this week and we had too much fun. Does she belong on the cover of a magazine or what?!

**I got a few questions after the post yesterday, and the answer is YES I’m still shooting “boudoir”- but the fact is that if you want to have your pictures taken by me, you don’t have to be wearing lingerie to do so. 😉

Enjoy this beautiful girl.  Happy Friday everyone!


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