Why I love shooting women... - Je-T'adore Boudoir Lubbock Boudoir Photography
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Why I love shooting women…

Why I love shooting women…

Why I love shooting women…

Because every woman should be able to have this much fun.

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Because every woman should be able to see themselves as beautiful as the rest of the world sees them.  As beautiful as they are.

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Because I love all girly things. Hair. Makeup. Lipgloss. Dresses. High Heels. Laughing with your best friend. Shopping. Handbags. Chick Flicks. Romantic Comedies. Mother/Daughter relationships. Sister relationships. Etc. Etc…  You name it, I love it! And I love making new friends with every shoot.
modern glamour photography lubbock texasAnd because it reminds me to embrace and accept all those things that women love or hate about themselves and just enjoy being a woman…

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