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Bonne Année, everyone!!

(I know it’s a little late! But things have been crazy around here!)

I can’t even express how excited I am for the new year and all the things we have planned for Je-T’adore this year!!

We have found a hair and makeup artist who is going to be a huge part of our sessions this year! Hair and makeup have been such a vital part of beauty and boudoir sessions and I’m so excited that Jalie is just as excited to come in and help make our clients feel extra beautiful with her awesome talent!  What a blessing!! You can “like” her page on facebook here: and follow her pinterest that is full of great hair and makeup ideas for you guys! Follow her here:

Speaking of facebook pages – If you’re not already – go “like” the Je-T’adore page here:  We will be making lots of announcements on there soon, and I want you guys to be the first to know!!

The Bridal show this past Sunday was a huge success for us! Thanks for everyone who stopped by the Aric & Casey Photography and Je-T’adore booths! So many of you stopped to say so many sweet words and it was so encouraging, I’m excited to hear from you all and excited to get you guys in the studio for some awesome shoots!!

Oh yes! More good news!! We are planning to keep the studio through the year to be able to have a functional space to shoot all of our beauty and boudoir sessions!  It’s coming along great and we are excited to keep it and get lots of use out of it this year!!

I’m finishing up on working on an online brochure that includes all of our pricing, some before and afters, behind the scenes photos, and much more!

A big thanks to Deborah (see post below) and Jalie for being on board with all the vision I’ve had for Je-T’adore and helping me make it happen this year! I couldn’t do it without you guys and I’m so thankful for you both!

Enjoy a few teasers of what we’ve been up to at the studio lately!

(Another big thanks to our models who volunteered and took time out of their busy schedules to spend a couple hours with us at the studio!)

Hair & Makeup: Jalie Kimbrough

Photography: Je-T’adore Beauty & Boudoir (Casey Lampert & Deborah Hughes)


I’m so so so excited to announce the addition of Deborah (Debs) to the Je-T’adore family.  If you want to read more about how Debs became a part of the family here check out this post: HERE

This girl is kind of amazing and I KNOW all of you are going to love her! I’m gonna have her work on an “about me” section so that there will be info about both her and I in the top bar for when you are looking into doing a boudoir or beauty session with Je-T’adore.  She’s multi-talented- not only has she been a great assistant on shoots, but she’s an amazing shooter herself, she knows how (and loves to) do hair and makeup too- she’s like the total package! Not to mention in several shoots that I’ve helped her with she was so great about reminding her clients of how beautiful they are.

Deborah is available for shoots Monday-Wednesday, unless otherwise scheduled or discussed.  We are gonna be adding separate portfolios for both her and myself so you can see how similar/different we shoot and choose your shooter for your boudoir session.

For now enjoy a couple photos I took of her- and then a little sampling of her work so far! As always- the gorgeous model, that you see in the images below gave us permission to use these photos on the blog! Leave them both some love and tell them how gorgeous they both are!

To contact Deborah regarding a beauty or boudoir shoot email:

lubbock boudoir and portrait photographerLubbock boudoir photographerbest boudoir photographer in lubbock classy and beautiful

I was so excited when Mrs. H emailed me about shooting a boudoir session for her so she could give her new husband a gift on their wedding day! She mentioned her concerns and fears, but also that she felt like it would be an amazing wedding gift for her man and signed one of her emails “here goes nothing, right!” I loved it! And I was SO excited for the chance to capture this sweet girl’s beauty with my camera! She came with some beautiful and fun outfits and she had her hair and makeup done and she looked STUNNING!

I’m so glad that she opted to let me share some of her images with you all here! Here’s a little testimonial from her that is so sweet I just had to share!!

“I really enjoyed the session. I wanted to do something super special for my man on our wedding day and something that would totally shock him. He was absolutely stunned!!! I’m not a skinny girl by any means and Casey knew exactly what to do to make me look beautiful!! I couldn’t be happier with all my pictures…I only wish there were more!!!”

Thank you Mrs. H for letting me capture your gorgeous self with my camera! It was truly an honor and you are truly beautiful! Inside and out!


Lubbock boudoir photographerClassy Lubbock boudoir photographyLubbock fashion and portrait photographerLubbock boudoir photographerclassy boudoir photography

With springtime just around the corner I’m loving all the new bright and colorful spring fashion previews! And it’s no different for your lingerie! There is some FUN stuff out there! I couldn’t help but share! Hope you guys enjoy!

The first group is from Victoria’s Secret. I know, that’s too easy…but seriously? I just love Victoria’s Secret! They know exactly what they are doing and make some of the most fun and sexy lingerie out there!! Their new spring collection is gorgeous! I LOVE all the bright colors and floral patterns. These are just a few of my favorites!

spring inspired lingerie for boudoirFun flirty spring inspired lingerie for your boudoir sessionpink and yellow lingeriebright spring colored lingerie for your boudoir session

The next set is from Betsy Johnson Lingerie! And I love how sweet and beautiful these pieces are! The purple is obviously my favorite- I love the lace detail, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these pieces! 

Lastly, Frederick’s of Hollywood has some gorgeous bright pastel colored spring lingerie that would be perfect for a Springtime boudoir session!! Check them out! They are always having sales and free shipping so there’s really no excuse to not pick up a few pieces to add to your collection!