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…take me out to the crowd… Come on! Everyone knows the rest of that little song! In honor of all the baseball fans out there getting excited about the upcoming spring training and baseball season I thought I’d share one shot from a recent shoot that I did for a client who’s husband is a professional baseball player!  I love when clients incorporate something special for their sweetheart into the shoot!  Whether it’s his favorite sports jersey, his favorite button down, his cowboy hat, or an homage to his favorite sport it’s easy to add a little something special just for him! 😉



Just a couple more pictures from the fun Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot we did! All the lingerie pieces in this post are from H&M!  I know, I know- we don’t have an H&M anywhere close to us here in Lubbock, but did you know that you can order H&M online now?! I know! So dangerous! But one good thing is you can get some really beautiful and affordable lingerie pieces shipped right to your front door! I love that!  I snagged up a couple pieces for the studio during H&M’s Valentine’s day promotion! But they are always coming out with new stuff! So keep checking or sign up for the emails and you’ll get reminders! 😉



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Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on me every year!  I’m so thankful for the amazing Valentine’s season I had this year with boudoir! So many of you were way on top of things and we started booking Valentine’s shoots in late November all the way through January!  I spent so much of the season just trying to keep up so I didn’t even get a chance to sit down and really think or brainstorm about an inspiration shoot or look into any new sets for the special occasion!  So doing like I do, I decided to do a last minute Valentine’s Day inspired shoot – just for myself, but also for some inspiration for next years’ shoots! I’m completely obsessed with the new red flower backdrop that me and my (amazing) husband helped create!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Ribbons & Bows Intimates and one of their very own employees/lingerie designers Kinsey Tolley who designs all the lingerie for Exes & Ohs Intimates!  All of the lingerie you’ll see below you can pick up at Ribbons & Bows and get the exclusive Exes & ohs designs! Eek! How cool is that?

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day, but most of all know that you are loved and adored every single day!


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I’ll probably always talk about how I got into boudoir photography, why I decided to start shooting it. Why I have a passion for making a woman feel beautiful. Why it’s so worthwhile to me to be in a business that celebrates women.  The moms, the brides, the wives, the friends & sisters.  It’s because the world is desperate for more women who love themselves and who confidently follow their dreams, realize their beauty and worth and who take some time to take care of themselves amidst caring for everyone else in their life!

This will probably forever be one of my favorite images I’ve ever shot. Ever. This brave girl’s job is not you’re normal ordinary, run of the mill day job.  This girl is fierce. She’s brave. She’s strong. She’s smart. She’s Beautiful. And so many more things! Most days she doesn’t get to get all dolled up (because I mean, who really has the time for that anyway) – but after she saw this photo, she said “That could be anyone, that could be a french super model.”  It immediately stuck, because she used the word “french”, (duh) (Paris obsessed person here)  but later I realized it meant more to me than that.  It meant she felt as beautiful as the high paid parisian lingerie super models who are on billboards and in magazines.  She saw beauty in herself that I hope she sees every single day when she looks in the mirror.  To me, this photograph is a beautiful representation of a gorgeous strong woman. And if I can capture a photo that would mean so much to every woman… I hope to do it!

Whether is boudoir or a beautiful Glamour shoot, my goal is to help you see the beauty in yourself that everyone else around you, that loves you – sees in you every day! You are beautiful!

XOXOlubbock boudoir photographer

When I first started Je-T’adore I wanted to be different.  I wanted my work to speak for itself, but I wanted it to have a voice that was unwavering and that quietly but boldly said something.  Something that was positive.  Something that is encouraging.  Something that makes you think!  From the beginning I’ve had a passion for photographing women.  For making you feel beautiful. And most importantly I’ve had a passion for keeping things “classy”.   The biggest compliment I can ever get is when girls tell me my work is “tasteful” or “classy” or “beautiful”.  I realize boudoir is meant to be gorgeous photographs of you that are sexy.  But in my opinion a classy woman IS sexy.  And I take so much pride in delivering beautiful, sexy and classy photographs to my clients.  I want these photos to be something you are proud of and excited about.  Something that boosts your confidence and something that opens your eyes to see the beauty in yourself that everyone else sees in you every day.  I want you to be able to see your strength and your worth as a woman.  Not based upon the way you look, but your heart!  Whether a bride-to-be, a stay at home mom, a working woman, a friend, a sister, a daughter – you are so important and loved and worth so much to the people around you.  Your heart is needed in this world!  Don’t be afraid to share it!

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